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Maintenance & Inspections

Servicing New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, our Service Inspection and Repair Program, or SIRP, will help you avoid problems before they occur. We provide Control Forms which record repairs made with each service to help you further your efforts to provide a safe environment and document our activities. We are a fully insured organization and stand behind our work. No one can predict the future, but we can help you plan for a safe one.

Key Benefits

  • Control Forms listing equipment inspected, repairs made, and recommendations, provide the customer with current, accurate data to better manage equipment assets.
  • Inspection certificates issued for many types of equipment provide information for insurance/legal issues should they arise.
  • Maintenance of equipment allows for longer life expectancy and increased durability/reliability.

Indoor Equipment Includes:
              Bleachers             Partition Doors               Dividing Curtains
             Cargo Nets            Climbing Ropes             Traveling Rings
             Still Rings               Chinning Bars                Gymnastic Equipment
             Peg Boards           Adjustable Rings            Volleyball Standards

Outdoor Equipment Includes:
             Batting Cages        Basketball Backboard Structures
             Bleachers               Playground Equipment