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About Corby Associates, Inc.

Our founder, Charles E. Corby, had worked with school districts for years  supplying, installing, and servicing student lockers and combination locks. His work with gymnasium lockers led to an interest in gymnasium activities, especially in gymnastics and the equipment involved. He saw the need for a repair service that could accommodate the various types and makes of gymnastic apparatus, all supplied and installed by different manufacturers. He decided that he could provide that service and, in doing so, promote safety through timely inspection and repair.

Today the program covers not only ceiling-suspended, wall-mounted, and floor gymnastic equipment, but also basketball backboards, dividing partitions and curtains, folding bleachers, and playground and other outdoor equipment. As a direct result of the empirical knowledge gained through comprehensive repair experience in the early years of the business, company personnel learned to recognize warning signs of failure before trouble could occur and to determine what repairs, if any, would be required to restore any given piece of apparatus to a safe, operational status. Hazardous conditions claimed immediate attention. This kind of service filled a void for New Jersey, New York and Connecticut-based schools since their own maintenance personnel weren’t equipped to handle these specialized repairs and each manufacturer’s representative was acquainted only with equipment made by their own company. School’s also liked the idea of a comprehensive periodic inspection followed by the submission of a written report of finding and repairs. Corby’s ANNUAL INSPECTION AND REPAIR PROGRAM was the result.

The sole object of the Corby Program is to ensure that students and other users have safe, functional equipment in their gyms and playgrounds. While the design and development of this equipment properly belongs in the domain of engineering departments, we can assist you in assessment of your equipment to determine the best course of action for repairs, modifications and/or replacement.